A matrix of 110 characters arranged in a square forms the basis of every QLOCKTWO®. Behind these letters, 110 LEDs can be switched on to illuminate individual letters, which form words that describe the time in fi ve-minute intervals. IT IS HALF PAST SEVEN. Four dots lighting up in the corners represent the minutes between each interval. QLOCKTWO® is available in four sizes.  The 45 × 45 cm QLOCKTWO® CLASSIC is mounted onto the wall like a picture, but can also be set up in freestanding position with two small acrylic glass supports. QLOCKTWO® LARGE in the 90 × 90 cm large format. A timeless eye-catcher. QLOCKTWO® TOUCH is millled from a single aluminium block and has a very handy size with its dimensions of 13.5 × 13.5 cm. The 35 × 35 mm wristwatch QLOCKTWO® W displays the time at the touch of a button. Furthermore date and seconds are shown.

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